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“I love SpareCash, this app has taken me places and let me explore things I never even knew existed in my area.  Plus, I collect money every time, sometimes a dollar, sometimes one hundred.  I love that it's always different, always challenging and my favourite restaurants are all in on the action, so I can collect when I'm out on the town too! Amazing app, awesome concept, fantastic delivery, you guys rule!”

Be A Part Of It! The SpareCash.TV Web Series

We believe this will be out and out incredible. The markers you see in the app are mostly green, blue and purple markers.  These markers will allow you to build your strategy and by doing so, prove yourself as a worthy contender to play as a contestant in the SpareCash TV web series coming Later in 2018.

Contestants will be chosen to hunt and duel against each other from around the globe in a race against time and the odds. The contestants will be playing for a total of $10,000 USD in cash. Players will be eliminated throughout the tournament for not reaching a goal before other contestants, for not doing a specified task or for going against the rules of the game.

Any active casher can be selected to play in the SpareCash TV Tournament, so get out there and get collecting.  As Always, Enjoy The Hunt.

What You Collect! Some of the amazing things you collect (Along With Money!)


Green SpareCash markers come with a dollar value that you collect.  Markers hold a value of no less than $1 in cash and commonly contain values of $3, $5, $10. $20, $50, and $100.  Less common markers are in harder to reach locations or for special events in the amounts of  $250, and $500. There is always 1 marker on the map with a value of $1,000 with special markers announced having values of $10,000 or higher.

Along with most markers, and depending on your location and profile information you will also find markers with digital coupon codes that can be redeemed at some of the following online retailers.


Business Markers show up as blue markers and can hold values up from $1 up to $1000. However a great many of these markers are proving to be creatively fun, challenging and greatly rewarding for Cashers stuck in the city.  

When you find Business Markers you will need to SCAN INSIDE the location for a tracking image to collect the Spare Cash and the Sponsors Special offer. Sponsored markers almost always contain various in-store specials that you can use immediately within the marker location. (bar, nightclub, beauty salon, restaurant etc.) Such discounts could be for food, clothing, prize raffles and even more cash.



An Interior Hunt Marker are purple markers that guide Cashers to a location where they will have the opportunity to search and scan multiple instore tracker images. 

Hunt Markers are extremely versatile. You never know what you'll get when you encounter a SpareCash Hunt Marker.  Each image inside of a SpareCash Hunt location will contain a dollar value that can be collected when the image is found and scanned.  Sometimes Image clues will lead you to a retailer, a restaurant or a service that offers SpareCash Back after a purchase has been made. Sometimes large venues just want to keep you entertained while you visit their establishment.



SpareCash Tournament Markers are both fun and challenging, they each contain a value and some message that points to a different adventure.

Going for tournament markers takes both brains and brawn. Like green markers, Tournament markers are usually set in an outdoor setting and are part of a contest or scheduled tournament.  

Marker Movement Because we have to keep it fair for everyone!

Every 24 hrs
@12:30am EST
Every 12 hrs
From 5:30am EST
Every 6 hrs
From 4:35am EST
Every 1 hrs
@15min on the hour
Every 15 min.
@5min on the hour

A Few Things Before You StartBefore You Play, You Should Know The Rules To The Game...

Be Courtious
When collecting markers inside businesses it's not polite to "Cash And Dash" Check out the business, buy something, talk to the staff, set a good example for yourself.

Don't Cash & Dash
You have good reason to Cash & Dash (collect a SpareCash Marker fast and run away even faster) When you are being chased by an animal in the woods, When an angry cashers shows up too late, or when you're innocently pointing your phone at SpareCash Marker and that really angry guy thinks you're taking a photo of him.

Don't GPS Jump
Faking your GPS is against the rules, you will be removed from the game and you won't be able to play again.  Our system will notify us if you run a GPS Augmentation App.

Use Common Sense
Some SpareCash markers randomly end up in some extreme places, if it's too dangerous to get too close to a marker to collect it. Let It GO! We take no responsibility for the choice of your actions, and we want you to be safe and have fun.

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What hills have you climbed?

Where was your hardest marker!

Did you find $100 or $1000?

Tell us all about it!

We read all your messages, and respond to most of them.


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